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Drive-by fic pimping...

What are you telling me to read?
Dead Trouble (last part was just posted tonight here)

Who's the daddy?
Marcus L. Rowland, aka ffutures

What's it all about?
A damn clever Harry Potter/Buffy the Vampire/Angel crossover

Why do you want me to read this?
Snappy writing, giggle-worthy humor, fantastic characterization, and a misunderstanding of epic proportions

What do I need to know?
Takes place several years after Deathly Hallows, 'Chosen,' and 'Never Fade Away.' Needless to say, spoilers for all of Harry Potter, Buffy, and Angel

What's the genre?
Like I said, a misunderstanding of epic proportions with a dash of humor. Think of it as an "on the road" gen fic. Oh, and it's all told from Harry's point of view.

What's it all about?
Auror Harry Potter is asked to accompany a body to its final resting place in Hogsmeade. The assignment is so simple, they could've sent a squib to do it. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Thanks for the rec. Ummmm, don't you have something you have to do?
Yes, yes. I'm dealing with beta notes for The Last Tin Soldier. I'll be going now.

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