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SOS for I Need A Parrot

Due to circumstances beyond her control, whiskyinmind needs to give up the I Need a Parrot Web site, as well as other Xander- and Buffy-related fanfiction sites.

For more information read here.

Whoever takes over the site will need to keep them completely open to pairing and genre (and yes that means slash, gen, and het stories, too) if they want to keep the BtVS Writers' Guild stamp.

Anyway, whiskyinmind is taking direct email and screened private comments from anyone who's willing to help/take over before her contract for site hosting goes down the first week in September. So whoever is taking it over, will have to move fast.

While I lack the ability, time, or financial wherewithal to take over the site(s), I'll of course stay on as a moderator site if the new owner decides to keep me.

X-posted to IJ, GJ, and JF

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