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Living History (new part)

I'm looking for some Faith- and Xander-centric archives to post my fics because, I gotta tell ya...I'm beginning to seriously hate stupid Fanfiction Dot Net. Now they don't even try to maintain some of your formatting.

*insert frustrated growling*

I think I've fixed it (maybe) so that it's not too confusing.

Anyway, the latest Living History part.

You know the drill: all up to part 57 can be found here

Continued from here

I'm hoping to someday get caught up on I Need A Parrot but I'm trying to update Whisper and Living History at the same time.



Buffy stood on the periphery of the mud fight with Giles and shouted encouragement while the girls giggled and tumbled with the last of the dirty creatures. She felt the high of a decisive victory where no one got killed. God she missed that feeling.

She was covered in dirt and grime, she could feel the bruises and scrapes, she was pretty sure she pulled something in her back, and not one whit of it mattered. Right here, right now, it was all good.

Plus, she called dibs on the first shower. Heh. Being a moldy oldie had its advantages and she damn well was going to use it.

“A most excellent job, I think,” Giles nodded.

“I’m passing on the nonfat yogurt and going straight for a huge banana split,” Buffy announced. “I think I could stand to have some extra-fattening goodness, especially if it comes with really gooey fudge.”

“Perhaps we should hold off that oh-so-American tradition of over-consumption to mark this milestone and wait until our compatriots get to the surface?”

Something in Buffy deflated. “Don’t you even dare suggest that…”

“Perish the thought.” Giles seemed to be feeling as loopy as she was, if she could judge by his grin. “I best go check on the others to see how they are doing.”

“No, I’ll do it.”

Giles placed a hand on her shoulder. “You’ve had a hard fight of it, so I do believe you should rest up a bit. Besides,” Giles rolled his shoulders like a prize-fighter, “I still feel quite invigorated.”

“Gonna take on some mud monsters?” Buffy asked.

“Not if I can help it.” If anything, Giles’s smile grew wider. “I’ll be off. Stay here and enjoy your well-deserved bask in glory.”

Buffy watched him disappear through the trees before turning her attention back to the still-wrestling girls. Watch me bask, world! I’m a basking Buffy to end all basking Buffies. You might say I’m a regular basking case.

Sadly, it didn’t last.


Buffy jerked around at the sound of Faith’s echoing voice. She saw the other elder Slayer propping up an apparently wobbly Robin while Charlie stood behind her with a hand on Willow’s shoulder. They all looked the worse for wear, worse than the mud-covered Slayers in fact.

“I DON’T BELIEVE THIS!” Faith probably would’ve been jumping up and down in fury if Robin weren’t using her as a prop. “WE’RE GETTING OUR ASSES KICKED AND YOU’RE DOING MUD WRESTLING NIGHT AT HOOTERS? I OUGHTTA…”

On “asses kicked,” Buffy was off and running to get to Faith. No, no, no, no…her mind circled even as her stomach sank.

“Yo! B! Not so close! Stay right the fuck where you are,” Faith ordered.

Buffy stopped a few yards from the bedraggled group, but protested about it anyway. “You said…”

“Trust me. We got ourselves a situation. Let me get over there to explain,” Faith said as she awkwardly set Robin on the ground, positioning him so he could sit upright against the crypt wall. Once she was sure Robin was steady, the dark-haired Slayer jogged over to Buffy’s position.

She looks like she just crawled out of a blender,</i> Buffy thought as she felt her chest squeeze tight. I should’ve gone with. I shouldn’t’ve let them down there without me. “Where’s everyone else?” she demanded.

Faith winced as she came to a stop; a move that caused every scrape, cut, and bruise to stand out in the dim light of her headlamp. “There’s some wacky shit up with the Grail that Catherine’s still gotta sort out, so they might be a bit. Plus, Xander and his Fantastic Four were making plans to off the Grail’s guardian, so they’re pretty much tied up.”

Buffy’s nerves started singing a warning. “You left them all by…”

“I had wounded to get out,” Faith clipped.

Robin was definitely out of it and now that she was closer Buffy could see he was sporting a good-sized gash right over his left eye. Willow, on the other hand, seemed just fine even if she was acting like…like…

“Her eyes,” Buffy breathed. “Oh, god. Faith? What happened?”

“That’s the situation I was trying to tell you about.” Faith’s head snapped up and she hollered over Buffy’s shoulder, “All of you stay the hell back or I will kick your asses! Got me?”

“Do as she says,” Buffy ordered without bothering to look behind her.

Faith gave her a surprised look before quietly saying, “Thanks for the back-up, B.”

“Willow’s gone black-eyed, which means big badness,” Buffy said tightly. “So spill. Everything. Right now.”

“Willow touched the Grail and it fried her noggin,” Faith explained. She held up a hand the moment Buffy opened her mouth, “Lemme finish. Charlie thinks she’s seeing stuff from the future.”

“What?” Buffy choked out.

“Before you go getting any ideas, no one can make heads or tails what any of her weird ass mumbling means. Bonus, she hasn’t lost none of her punch.”


Faith waved at her face. “I’m pretty sure I’m looking damaged. Hell, I can definitely feel the damage. Courtesy of a temper tantrum your good bud pitched against things that weren’t there. She tossed all of us around like we weren’t nothin’.”

“Anyone hurt? Dawn?”

“Dawn was way safe and out of the way. Me ’n Xander took the brunt.

“Xander was hurt and you left him there!” Buffy’s voice climbed the scale.

“Hey, yo, chill, he’s got it all under...”

“Control?” Buffy could feel the rising panic. Dawn was in the hands of complete strangers. Xander was hurt and protected by nothing more than four newbies. And Faith.... “I can’t believe you!” She snaked out a hand and snatched the light band off Faith’s head and took off for the crypt.

“B! Buffy!”

Buffy paid no attention as she dove into the crypt’s interior.

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