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This Journal is a Cookie-Free Zone

As you know, the announcement went out on lj_biz that 6A/LJ has started using Omniture collecting more detailed information on how people use LJ.

start ETA LJ has always collected information on visitors, but from what I gather, the use of Omniture means that they'll be collecting more detailed information from people who ping various journals hosted here. end ETA

Here's a bit from the post:

Omniture is a website analytics service. The system will collect information that's pretty straightforward, including what browser you're using, what site scheme you use, your window size, how people travel through the site (what are the common links, where are people going after viewing their friends page, what people are or aren't clicking on), and things like how many page views different parts of the site get.

With this change we will be able to learn more about how you use the site and what areas are confusing or are in need of improvement. We'll also have a good way to help prioritize all of your suggestions based on what people actually use.

In theory, LJ/6A is going to only sample 5% of all journals to determine this information.

The good news? You as a journal can opt yourself out of the sampling.

Since I don't like cookies or 6A/LJ as a corporate entity, and because I don't trust that 6A/LJ has actually listed all the information they plan to collect in their lj_biz post, I've taken steps to opt both liz_marcs and cubed_music out of the data collection and statistical analysis.

In theory, LJ/6A can't use either this journal or my community to track visitors and collect information as they click around LJ.

Directions to opt your private journal out of the data collection and analysis can be found here.

Directions to opt any community you own out of the data collection and analysis can be found here

ETA, Electric Boogaloo: That said, some people do have some compelling arguments for allowing your journal to be part of the potential sample and to not remove yourself from the pool.

I'm pulling myself out because, at the moment and based on LJ/6A's behavior over the past 4 months, I don't trust that LJ/6A is being entirely honest and upfront with its users about the purpose of the data collection, the amount of data they're going to collect, and the ultimate use of that data.

However, that's my decision.

Please read the comments below for some compelling arguments on why you might not want to follow my lead.

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