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Testing Box.Net — Sharing The Bastard Fairies

stoney321 been urging use of Box.Net these days, complete with demonstrations on why it's so cool.

Because, dude, you can listen before you download. \0/

Okay, once I figured out the how, what, why, and where I have to agree with my esteemed FLister, is for the win!

For my test case (yes, files are downloadable), I'm sharing the strangely compelling The Bastard Fairies. I can't explain why I'm charmed by these guys and their "anti-folk music," but I kind of am. God knows I wouldn't want to listen to it all the time, but if you're in the mood for something different (and I mean really different) this will hit a sweet spot.

So, for my test case, I'm sharing the 12 tracks off of Memento Mori that the band released (for free!) on their Web site. A full CD with 17 tracks and a DVD was released in April 2007.

To do the listen/download thing:

  • Mouse over the song in the list. If you click on the song, it will automatically start playing. If you click on the blue arrow to the right of the song, you will be given a menu, some of the options of which include play and download.

  • If you choose to start playing, you will see that the box below turns into a flash player. Songs will automatically advance, or you can use the buttons to go forward of backward.

  • If you wish to get back to the list view (and stop the song), you just click anywhere withing the flash player. From there, you use the menu to download the song you just heard, or you can go to a different song in the list.

Right. So try this out for yourselves. And thank stoney321 for pimping

Just FYI, my favorite in the above list is A Venomous Tale (Track 9).

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