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No Living History tonight...tired....

Spent hours on the phone with BFF trying to convince her to not put herself in debt over her head to find a Boston-area apartment close to her soon-to-be ex-husband because she doesn't want to deprive her 3-year-old of her father. Go move in with the sister in Central Mass...go half on the rent in a cheaper part of the state...make the fuckhead come to her if he wants to see his daughter.

I won, sort of. She's going at least follow my November (*bangs head against wall*)

Really, I just want to scream: GO TO LEGAL AID! PLEEEEEZ! FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

In the meantime, he's trying to guilt her about her plan to apply for food stamps and going on welfare so she can finish college and get a decent-paying teaching job. In the meantime, he's opened up a separate account and isn't tossing any money in their joint account. She found out by accident that this happened, by the way.

Right now, she's worried about buying groceries. (He's at least still covering her rent.)  Asshole.

On happier notes:

First up, just saw Clinton on The Daily Show. Dude is still the Bigg Dawg. He didn't thrill me as president, but right now he looks so...shiny! In retrospect, he wasn't so bad. Clinton, baby! Come back! I'll take White Water over what we got now. Hell, I'll take Watergate over what we got now.

Also, a new installment of Heroes is up. YAYNESS! I so very much adore the Illyria-Xander (nonshippy!) dynamic, as well as the protective vibe Spike has for Illyria and then the strange balance between Spike-Illyria-Xander. Fanon Illyria may be one of my favorites, but it takes outstanding writers to get her just right. This series has a very talented group behind it.

Actually, Heroes is an ensemble piece involving all the BtVS and AtS characters. I really need to go back to the beginning and read them all. Right now I'm jumping around between stories like a kid in a candy store.

Oh, and congrats to one of the authors, veggiebelle,</span> for landing her first professional writing gig. Actually, she landed it before, but now she's got a check to prove it. She'll be one of the essayists in the upcoming Angel book taking a look at that show's five season.

(Aside to veggiebelle : Isn't getting paid for stuff you'd do for free a hella lot of fun? It's like highway robbery in way...)

Also, I just got sucked into hjcallipygian's  Of Those Chosen: The Twins</span>. I'd seen it on my FList, but hadn't really had time to read it, but I gave the latest installment a look. Yet another enemble piece (I sense a theme!). Interesting that I'm not the only one guessing that there might be fractures in any new Council Giles might try to build. He approaches it from a completely different angle than I do (it starts with the Slayers, as opposed to the Watchers) and it certainly works as presented here. The author is taking a temporary hiatus, so I at least have time to catch up before he posts again. *grins*

Ummm, I promise more Living History tomorrow. As you can see, RL just sucked me in tonight...


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