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RPF RPGs: Not just for fandom anymore

Have I mentioned how much I adore otherwise "serious" blogs that essentially "role-play" historical events?

Okay, sure. It's basically RPF (which I do find squicky — sorry RPFers on my FList!), with the key difference being that the "role players" use dead people and base everything on the actual historical record (including first-person narrative, contemporary sources, and references) to piece together actual historical events or bring a piece of literature alive.

I know I've linked to Under Odysseus before which basically "blogs" the Trojan War from the point of view of Eurylochus, who is serving under Odysseus's command. The blog finally wound up the Iliad portion in May after more than two years of "blogging the war." The good news is that the writer of "Under Odysseus" has promised that he or shee will eventually continue by blogging the Odyssey.

Juan Cole, proprietor of "Informed Comment" (an indispensable resource for understanding the Middle Eastern politics and society) and Professor of Modern Middle East and South Asian History at the University of Michigan, is spearheading the effort to blog Napoleon's military expedition to conquer Egypt. "Napoleon's Egypt" is slightly drier than "Under Odysseus," but it's chock full of references to Napoleon's first-person accounts and contemporary references to the Egyptian campaign.

And then, there's a blog that's merely uploading Samuel Pepys' Diary, just the entries, no commentaries. But who needs commentaries when the writer himself was eyewitness to the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire of London? Honestly? The fact that the diary is essentially one that's personal and has lots of information about the minutia of life in 17th century England, makes it that much more interesting.

Why I've Been Hard to Catch Online...

I've been scarce everywhere these days, in large part because I'm fiddling around with my schedule. Earlier to work so I can spend an hour at the gym after work. That means less time overall to do anything.

And let's just not get into the lack of free time I've got on weekends. As in none. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Da nada. I think I have a free weekend in November. Pretty sure it's November.

So, yeah, the writing front? Not exactly raging like fire. I'm picking along still, except my writing time has gotten severely restricted over the past six weeks. At most, I can work about 45 minutes a day, which doesn't produce a whole hell of a lot in one sitting. But, hey, at least I'm managing to squeeze in a solid 45 minutes before I go nose-first into the laptop.

It doesn't help that I'm in the, "I'm unhappy with the way this is written, so it needs to be re-written (and possibly re-re-written) before I send this to my long-suffering betas" mindset.

Hey, I don't like it, but that's reality. I got to bring the fat ass under control, and that means sweat (which I actually like doing, so there you go) and that means sacrificing some time on my part.

All I can say is: Thank God I don't have kids. I have no idea how I'd squeeze 'em in with my schedule.

Those Curves people aren't as crazy as I thought...

I'm not a member of Curves (Planet Fitness is my poison of choice), but my gym has a Curves-like set up in a corner of the gym. It's primarily there to ease people into the weight resistance routine, and there as an option so people with a weight resistance routine can shake up their schedule for a couple of weeks before going back to their normal system.

Anyway, since I'm easing in, I decide to try it out after after workin' it on the cardiovascular front for the past month.

Ummmm, ow?

No, serously. Ow.

There's something particularly evil about taking the heaviest weight you can manage and pumping it on a count of 2-4 for a solid minute. You wouldn't think that would be a challenging workout, except you've got to do it 14 times on 14 different machines.

Did I mention that in between machines you also get to do step aerobics for one solid minute — 14 times?

Truth to tell, I felt great afterwards, so much so that I followed it up with 20 minutes of biking.

Today, however...well, let's just say that my thighs, bis, tris, and shoulders are having a very, very serious talk with me. Mostly it's of the "Yo, dude! Stiff!" variety. None of the muscles appear to be jonesing for Advil, which is good.

But the thighs would like to discuss going easy on the cardio tonight because...well...the 'ow' factor.

Still love Reaper

And how much do I love that they didn't drag out the whole "lie to your mother about working for Satan" subplot? How much? SOOOOOOO MUCH!

If this were Buffy, we'd be going into year two on the "hide it from your mother" subplot. The fact that it was resolved in episode two with minimal angst? And that everyone involved is actually acting like real adults, including Slacker Sam?

What's that you say? A non-angsty supernatural cop-buddy show with all the depth of a teaspoon? Sign me the hell up!

I'll be doing the happy dance over here. ----------> \0/

Hmmmmm, it appears that Reaper was created by women, is helmed by women, and is produced by a team that is at least 75% women.

*rubs hands*

Eeeeeeeeexcellent. Yet more proof that there are real women out there who not only don't like soap operas, but are sick and tired of genre shows getting soaped up. (And yes, I'm looking at you Supernatural).

Right now it's a very lonely club house for chicks (I may be the only member, except for possibly the Reaper women...but we'll see how the other episodes go). I'm hoping more chicks will join me.

*nods sagely*

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