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Free and Legal Supernatural Download from iTunes

h/t to fangirlsays

Want to see the Supernatural S3 opener for free and a day early?

iTunes is letting you download that puppy for free.

Yeeek! Quite the night. Pushing Daisies, Criminal Minds (I'm a shameless Joe Montegna fangirl and it's his first ep tonight I my occasional indulgence is now must-see-tv. I like Mandy Potinkin, too, but only in certain roles. He didn't really thrill me in Criminal Minds.), and now Supernatural on the computer.

Three hours of television tonight. *taps fingers together*

I haven't watched 3 hours of first-run television back-to-back in, ooooooohhhhhh, longer than I can remember.

ETA: It appears that the download only works if you live in the U.S. Sorry about that.

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