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Sick of Television Already...Or Why I'm Curtailing My TV Time AGAIN!


I've now officially watched more live TeeVee in one week than I have in the past 3 months.

And by the way, that would be 5 hours of live TeeVee over the past 7 days. So we're not exactly talking loads of TeeVee time. That's not even an hour a day.

I think I remember why I gave up on live TeeVee and went straight to viewing TeeVee on DVD: commercials.

I got all my chores done last night simply by getting up during the commercials and doing bits and pieces of them...and I didn't miss a single minute of actual program.

And commercials every 10 minutes? What the hell is up with that? And it's something like three minutes of commercials every 10 minutes. It's nuts.

Do you realize the amount of exercise you could get if you got up off your couch during commercials and simply marched in place for as long as those commercials ran? We're talking at least 20 minutes per hour. Watch a 2-hour block of television? 40 minutes.

What the hell?

In any case, I'm not looking forward to Supernatural tonight because: 1) I've simply been TeeVee'd out; and 2) I'm sick of the ethnic minorities getting it in the neck on that show.

Don't get me wrong, I like Supernatural okay, but for some reason offing the Special Guest Black Character of the Week (How many is this now?) last week really got up my nose. I swear you can tell who's going to die in every episode just by checking the dusky-ness of someone's skin.

Granted, it's a strange reason for a decidedly white chick to throw her hands up and say, "I think I just might bail now because I'm really sick of this shit..." But the thing is: I'm kinda sick of this shit. And I'm not exactly what you'd call the most racially sensitive person on the planet. So if it's bugging the hell out of me, I figure other people must be pretty ticked at this point.

I'm thinking I just might bail altogether on watching live TeeVee on Thursday nights, crossing Supernatural permanently off my list, and just record CSI for later viewing.

Besides, I got a real TeeVee crush: Pushing Daisies. And over there the awesome Chi McBride is kicking all kinds of ass and showing me why THIS MAN NEEDS TO BE ON MY TEEVEE EVERY WEEK.

Emerson went to art school! He's addicted to knitting and knitted himself a pair of gun cozies! He's grumpy! He's human! He's the most resourceful character on the show! And his and Chuck's rivalry are a match made in screwball heaven! And McBride is just so flipping awesome as he pulls it all off by playing it so completely straight! LOVE HIM!


Anyway, I still love Reaper, and the spoilers I've caught sight of not only make me happy, but solve some minor quibbles I've been having with the show. Yes, it's totally brainless, but the Three Stooges cheer me up immeasurably on a Tuesday night.

I also seem to be liking Heroes more than most people this season (although I'm annoyed that DL is dead and Nikki is still alive...and Hiro is annoying the hell out of me), but it's a good wind-down on a Monday night after the gym.

Plus, I'm patiently waiting for Joe Mantegna to finally appear on Criminal Minds because, dude...Love. Him. Too. He reminds me of every Italian teddybear in my family, so I gotta go where he shows up (and no, I missed him on Joan of Arcadia, mostly because it was on a night when I was never home). *taps foot impatiently*

But much as I love these shows, I'm thinking I just might go to "VCR tape delay" (yes, I live in the 19th century...shut up) because I cannot stand the constant commercials interrupting my watching time. Plus, I could probably cut my TeeVee viewing down from 5 hours a week to something like 3 by going to tape delay.

Yeah. Tape delay is sounding better 'n better.

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