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I Need a Parrot...And I Am Not a Parrot...

First, good news for the Xander-fans on my FList:

whiskyinmind's network of Xander-centric (including I Need a Parrot) and Buffy-centric fanfiction sites are back in business.

Check out the post here for the complete list of sites

Second, to everyone on my FList, I owe you an apology.

Yesterday's very poorly worded post suggested that my FList was shocked Dumbledore was gay.

I should've been more clear. My FList was a-twitter, but in linking around these series of tubes we call teh Internets, it seemed an awful lot of people were surprised.

There was an utter lack of explanatory sentence in there to make this clear. Apologies.

And, as if I couldn't love Neil Gaiman more, his take on the whole deal is totally awesome. It appears that JKR isn't the only one with a few non-obvious gay characters up the writerly sleeve.

Third, to all my peeps in the Philippines (I have a few residents on my FList), I hope you and your families are safe following Friday's bomb blast in Manilla.

The Rajah Solaiman Movement is "taking credit" for the deadly blast (11 reported dead so far). I've never heard of this group at all. I've heard of the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front), the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front), and the NPA (New People's Army), but not the RSM. Are they new?

Since I was under the weather most of the weekend (and not the fun kind of under the weather, either), I totally missed this bit of news.

As you can tell from the link above, there's been almost no coverage in the U.S. about this. I wish I could say that the Pakistani bombing pushed this off the front page, but the reality is that it was most likely Britney Spears and Dumbledore that did it.


You know, it's not like the Philippines was a former U.S. "protectorate" (read: a very nice word for "colony") from 1901 to 1946 (with an almost 2-year break for Japanese occupation) or anything like that. You'd think something like this just might play a little bit higher in the U.S. than, oh, Dumbledore getting outed, yes?

Sorry. That was my cranky inner reporter and history nut talking.

I'll stop now.

Fourth, to everyone on my FList in San Diego County in the path of the massive wildfires, please stay safe.

God, 90,000 acres in flames and an estimated 250,000 people displaced. I can't even begin to wrap my head around this tragedy.

Then there are others who are pointing and laughing at everyone affected. Somebody tell me why Glen Beck still has a job.

Five, now for something funny.

I saw the series of pictures today Bush with a screech owl at Patuxent Research Refuge in Maryland today.

And because I know birds as well as I do (the bird is totally priceless in the photos)...and because I can always see the funny in these kinds of things, I now treat you to:

Bird-Brain Theater: Two Birds Not of a Feather

Bush: ...and now, I am proud to present Polly, an Amazona oratrix, who's flown in all the way from Mexico to explain—

Owl: Ohforgawdssa— For the last time! I. Am. Not. A. Parrot.

Bush: Are you sure? Because Dick said—

Owl: I'm not talking to you.

Aaaaaaand, I'm outta here!

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