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So, I emailed Bravo about the use of "wop" on Television Without Pity

This is a follow-up to my No, Calling Someone a "Wop" is NOT Okay rant from this morning.

Several people have tried contacting Sars, Wing Chun, and Tech Support over at Television Without Pity this morning regarding the repeated use of ethnic slurs in a recap of Supernatural's "Sin City."

All those emails bounced.

So, I decided to go here and complain directly to Bravo. Since they didn't have a menu selection for "Television Without Pity," I went with "General Inquiries."

Here's the message I sent. I redacted my real name, since I thought it best to use it when I contacted Bravo.

Dear Sir or Madam,

Since the emails to Sars and Wing Chun do not seem to work (in fact, messages have bounced back to people who've tried to contact them over the past 24 hours), I'm left having to email you.

In today's recap for "Supernatural" on the Television Without Pity website, recapper Demain repeatedly used ethnic slurs to describe an Italian character that appeared in the episode. These ethnic slurs were "wop" and "dago," the former usually rendered like so: FUCKING UNBEARABLE WOP. (Yes, it was in all caps.) This occurred repeatedly for several pages.

Now, if recapper Demian had used these slurs once when they initially appeared in the recap, I could easily see how it could be read as the recapper's annoyance with how ethnic characters tend to be poorly and stereotypically written on "Supernatural." However, the repetition of "wop" in all caps goes far, far beyond the use of "wop" to point out a long-running issue with a television show. It crossed the line into very offensive.

You should also be aware that news of Demain's offensive recap is even now zinging around cyberspace, which means that more and more people are reading about it and wondering not only how the Television Without Pity administrators could allow this recap to go up, but also how BRAVO (which owns the site) could allow this recap to stay up.

Needless to say, this is not reflecting well on your network or on the Television Without Pity site.

I would like to see that recap re-written with the offensive and repeated use of "wop" removed, or the recap to removed in its entirety. While I would also like to see Demain's removal as a recapper (he has numerous other problems as a recapper, but my opinion on that front could easily fall into the "it's a matter of taste" category), I would settle for more oversight of Demain's recaps to prevent a repeat of this situation.

Thank you for your time an attention.

[Real Name Redacted]

Note that the email was very politely worded.

I've already received an automated reply, so the email did get through. As to whether a real human being will read it, I can't say. It's worth the shot, though.

ETA: winterlive managed to get the right email for Sars, and got a rage-inducing response in reply.

Hmmmm, guess I'll be forwarding my email to that exact same address.

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