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This post brought to you through a metafandom link, because I always headdesk when people are not using their commonsense. I'd link to the actual public post, but that's apparently considered a hostile act by the OP.

Sooooo, linking to a public post is considered a hostile act now?


Oh, wait. It's if you link to a public post and "your intentions are bad."

And we know this how? Through telepathy? Because the person who's linking (let's not forget) to your public post makes a comment that they disagree when they link?

Ummmm, then if you're afraid of getting wanked, shouldn't you be FLocking the crap that's liable to get you wanked?

I, personally, don't think FLocking is an act of cowardice, by the way. It's a way to stay safe when you're feeling like you're on somewhat shaky ground in some way or you want to keep the trolls out or if you simply want to protect yourself. That's what the FLock is for. That's why you can create custom FLocks.

People, they're there to be used, so use them. I use them (very occasionally), people on my FList use them, just about everyone uses them in some manner. So don't be afraid to use the Almighty FLock!

If this was a complaint about spilling the contents of a FLocked post or a FLocked journal, yes, I'd agree. That's not just the the height of rude, but also potentially damaging to the person who's FLocking. Although, I always say, if you want to be double super-sekrit squirrel safe, don't post something you think is going to get you in hot water physically, emotionally, legally, or career-wise online at all. If you have to write it down somewhere where no one can possibly find it (hey, it happens), use a pen and paper. Pen and paper is cheap and easy to use. Really.

But a public post? One that any monkey with a computer can stumble across, read, flame you in comments, and then speed off and tell all his or her monkey friends that you should be flamed?

Hate to say it, but fair game. It's public. It's probably on LJSeek and Google even as we speak.

I mean, hell, I've had flaming monkeys (not many, but a few). Know what I do with flaming monkeys? I kill their comments, that's what I do. Disagreement is fine, provided it's polite. But if a flaming monkey states that they hope I drown in a pile of pig shit and then someone sets fire to my corpse? I'd place that very safely in the flame category and will have no conscience about deleting the comment, which is most likely to be anonymous anyway.

Other people have stricter rules about commenting, others have looser rules. Know what? It's all good. Their ElJay, their rules. They've got every right to set them and enforce them how they see fit.

Plus, I do enforce some rules (however loosely) in this space. While I haven't been moved to ban anything more than a few spam journals, I do have that option open to me. I also have the option of freezing comments when shit gets out of line (I haven't had to do that either). Furthermore, I can also forbid people from making comments to a post at all (maybe once or twice in almost 4 years). So, really, it isn't like there aren't some frontline tools available.

And if you really find yourself in a bind, delete the entry, or put it to private (I had to do that exactly once in 4 years...and it was due to a complicated situation that had nothing to do with fandom or anyone in fandom.)

However, in those cases of flammage or gazillion comments from people I don't know, what it boils down to is this: I did make a public post. So really, I am putting myself out there with a full realization that I'm taking a chance. I may not be ready for a response or even the size of a response, but that was the chance I took.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but most of the time it doesn't even matter.

I'm not excusing the behavior of the flaming monkey, by the way, but post publicly and you are taking a chance that flaming monkeys will happen.

Why, oh why, do people seem to think that the wild and woolly Internet should have the manners of a Victorian tea room? (And I say that with no disrespect to Victorian tea rooms.) There are all kinds on the Internet. Some with good intentions, some with bad intentions, and some are good people who get momentarily taken over by their inner asshole.

There's a huuuuuuge difference between abuse, harassment, and stalker-y behavior and people linking to a public post because they disagree or thought you said something stupid. (ETA: And as bubble_blunder points out, there's a huge difference between linking to a post and stating you disagree and linking to a post for the sole purpose of siccing your fellow flaming monkeys after them.)

No, really, there is.

Now I'll be swanning off to contemplate my special snow flakeness and feelings.

Or, finally ripping apart a WiP that really needs to be ripped apart now that I've found a solution to my problem.

Also, please don't go bug the OP. Leave him/her alone. He/She is entitled to her opinion, even if that opinion makes me want to put my head in my hands and groan that some people are kind of not getting this whole journaling/blogging thing.

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