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Meme-ing It: Ask the Characters!

Requests are now closed.

Just so you know? I'm blaming the cold meds for thinking this is a good idea. Trust me...I'm at work and I'm miserable.

This is a meme that's been floating around the edges of the FList.

Choose one cannon character or one original character that appears from any story listed here. Once you choose a character, you may ask that character one question, and I will respond as that character.

The Sekrit Rools

  • Respond to this journal entry only so I don't lose track of who has asked what.

  • I will take requests for 24 hours only. At 2:30 p.m. EST (U.S. Time) on Tuesday, November 5, I will freeze all responses to this post so I can get cracking on the answers.

  • One character and one question per customer, please! If you try to sneak more than one in, I may or may not answer, depending on how many people respond to this meme. If I'm not overwhelmed, I'll get to your other questions. If I get a bajillion people, I will only answer your first question.

  • You can pick any story from this list, regardless of whether the story's completed or a WiP.

  • It may take up to a week or two to get to your request (depending on how many people make a request and the amount of time I've got to work on the responses on a day-to-day basis). So if I don't get to you right away, please know I will get to you eventually

Okay! For whoever wants to do this, start asking away!

Requests are now closed.

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