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Ode to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)





'M not dead. (She says sleepily.)

It appears I may have seasonal affective disorder, aka SAD. It's a teeny, tiny thing that's kind of gone, unh, undiagnosed for years.

*stabbity stabbity stabbity*


It appears that for a period of 2 months, I need 9 hours of sleep a day instead of 7. This lasts from mid-December to mid-January, the very same time period I call my "season of broke" because I am never home and always out spending cash. (No joke: It lasts from the second weekend in November to the third weekend in January. Never. Home. Which means most people start worry that I'm dead because they never hear from me during this time period.)

Yes, I've been (somewhat) following the whole SUP-buys-LJ issue, not to mention the Flagging Adult Content issue. I keep meaning to write, well, something. But then I get home and pretty much crawl from Point A to Point B and desperately try to keep my eyes open long enough so I can complete my most basic household chores, which, yeah...not conducive to think-y thoughts.

And for the record, I'm not flagging shit (this journal or any post therein). It's not my damn job to keep the Internet safe for 8-year-olds. That's a parents' job. The thing that really pisses me off, though, is if someone decides to flag this journal or a post, I've got no way of knowing that they have and I've got no way to appeal it.

That really frosts me.

I mean, sure, the "firewall" for flagged content (such as it is) pretty much boils down to a CYA click-through where they're asking you if you really are over 14, and then doesn't even bother to ask for proof that the you are, but that's really not the point. If you don't set your viewing options right, it still means that some people's journals could "disappear" from your FList.

So, just FYI, when you set your adult content options, if you want to make sure that certain journals don't get "disappeared," don't forget to:

  • Set "Viewing Adult Content" to Do not collapse
  • Set "Safe Search Filtering" to Do not filter my results

As for 6A dumping LJ on SUP...I honestly don't know what to think. I am aware that the Cyrillic Alphabet Side of LJ hasn't been overly thrilled with SUP as a landlord, but I'm also seeing a lot of hyperbole (and paranoia) on both sides of the divide.

Let's just say the emotional atmosphere around the whole hand-off, not to mention the suddenness of it, isn't exactly conducive to figuring out what's what. And that even if I wasn't battling a case of SAD.

However, I do recommend a visit to insomnia's journal to read this post, which is probably the best balanced of everything I've read thus far. Since insomnia has a long history behind the scenes with LiveJournal during its early years, his take is especially interesting.

I suppose I should be grateful. Recent events have reminded me that I've been negligent in backing up my journal on my harddrive and cross-posting to my InsaneJournal. I seriously need to fix that sometime in the next week.

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