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Things That Make You Feel Old...Part 3,000

I heard the news today, oh boy.

Dan Fogelberg died this morning after a 3-and-half-year battle with prostate cancer.

I'm slightly boggled by this. I don't know why it boggles me, but it does. I think it's because when I was a wee one I had some of his LPs on vinyl.

I'm old. For sure.

For some reason, the only Dan Fogelberg MP3 I own is "The Nexus," a little known track from the haunting 2-disc The Innocent Age. It was my second favorite track from the LP. My favorite track from the LP was actually "The Reach." Note how, once again, my favorite tunes were not the hits (and there were several) that came off the LP

You can listen to "The Nexus" and snag the track below:

A semi-exhaustive search on YouTube, weirdly enough, doesn't turn up a whole lot, which is strange considering that Fogelberg was actively making music for almost 30 years.

Here's a live performance video from YouTube of, appropriately enough, "The Leader of the Band," also from The Innocent Age:

RIP, Dan. And thank you for the music.

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