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What Do You Want to Bet Holiday Shopping Was a Retail Disaster?

Sooooo, I actually had to go to a mall today to pick up one last gift (I've managed to avoid going for the most part this year).

So, here it is, the last Saturday before Christmas and...

There was no one at the mall. Honestly it was no more busy than what you'd find on a Sunday.

The folks manning the stores were so bored that I was practically jumped if I so much stuck my nose through the entrance. I had so many offers to help me find whatever I wanted to find that I was starting to wonder if I had a $100 bill taped to my forehead.

You haven't lived until you walk into a Hallmark store to buy cards only to have someone offering to help you find that "special card" because they're so clearly bored by standing around and they're so happy to see an actual customer.

Also something you've got to experience: When the mall is handing out free bottled water and there's no one in line to take it. In fact, the people handing out the free bottled water are so bored they engage you, the freeloader, in an actual conversation that starts with, "Where is everyone? Are they in the other part of the mall?"

Hell, the mall was so empty (relatively speaking) that while I was there I picked up a couple of household items I needed and had been putting off buying because I didn't feel like "fighting the crowds" before the holiday to do it.

Plus I didn't wait in line for anything. Not. Once. Not to purchase. Not to get help from an employee. Nothing. It was completely insane.

Either everyone's shopping on line, or everyone's cut waaaaaay back on the spending. I'm kind of hoping its the latter because, dude, the commercialization of the season has been driving me so nutball for the past few years that I've declared my own "War on Christmas," namely by going the more-personalized-even-if-cheaper presents route.

The only hang-up was the traffic around the mall, mostly because the traffic patterns set up by the police directing cars were counter-intuitive and didn't exactly flow with what would be the normal pattern.

And did I mention that the parking spot I got was basically within 30 feet of a mall entrance? And that it wasn't the only one available? Crazy.

But still...the last shopping Saturday before Christmas and the malls are pretty much no busier than usual.

Something tells me that the sales in January are going to be outstanding this year.

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