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Allow me to be materialistic for one moment...

Ahhhh, guess who gets a free $100 upgrade to a new cell phone just because Verizon wants to keep my business for another 2 years? (Hey, my Internet and landline are with Verizon, so why not?)

Guess who decided to go for that new Chocolate in black cherry she's been drooling over since it came out?

Isn't it sooooooooo pretty?

Of course, if you check out the specs the phone is smarter than most people. And it has a better sense of direction, too. (It comes with a GPS built-in.)

Plus, it's an MP3/Video player FTW! \0/ Suck it, iPhone.

I did spring some extra cash for a 4GB microSD memory chip for the MP3 player (Amazon has them cheap, cheap, cheap and reviewers there with Chocolates that are the same make and model said they work just fine with the phone, while being 1/4 the price that Verizon was selling the 2GB chip for) as well as some additional money for the Bluetooth earpiece.

In any case, I've already adopted out my only 2-year-old-phone to Call to Protection, a joint operation of the The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Wireless Foundation, and The Body Shop. (Older cell phones should be completely recycled.)

There's even nifty instructions on the site about how to delete personal information from your old phone before donating.

My new pretty phone and Bluetooth will be in my hands by Monday. The extra memory should be in my hands within the week.

Is it Monday yet?

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