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Obligatory Fannish Squee Post for Battlestar well as for DS9 and Homicide.

Omigawd! This Battlestar Galactica 8-minute "the story so far" had me gasping for breath because I was laughing SO VERY HARD.

What makes it even funnier? It's actually an official promo video.

Goddamn! Is it April 4 yet?

Does Ron Moore smoke the good crack, or what?

Sure, it's crack. Sure, it makes the viewer's head spin around like the chick from The Exorcist, but at least Moore knows how to make it damn entertaining crack. Okay, okay, I admit it...I'm probably one of the few that liked Season 3 (minus the quadrangle of doom) and squeed when the Dylan Four were revealed.

(Please compare to Joss Whedon who tends to just get crack-y when he gets into the crack. I mean, have you read about Dollhouse? I'm beginning to think that Joss Whedon is one of those "nice guys" in desperate need of a hard kick to the curb — you ladies know what I sayin' about, right? He talks a good game, but I'm sensing a pattern that I've called "the creepy misogynistic vibe behind the pro-woman cha-cha-cha" in his body of creative work and I. Don't. Like. It.)

In other fannish squee...Deep Space Nine and Homicide: Life on the Street

I've been getting into this pattern over the past few weeks of "power spinning." You know, where you start marathoning your TV-on-DVDs because you simply can't get enough?

I've pretty much burned through all of my Battlestar Galactica DVDs and am now shaking like a junkie until the Season 3 DVDs show up at my door.

Then, I ended up power-watching all seven seasons of Deep Space Nine. *hangs head* It was like M&Ms. I swear. I've also decided that Kira is my number one favorite character, followed closely by Nog (Vir Kotto Memorial Award Winner).

And now I'm power-watching my way through Homicide: Life on the Street.

Just as a sidenore here, no matter how many times I watch the H:LotS pilot "Gone for Goode," right at the very end I always yell, "Timmy, don't pick up the phone. Don't pick up the phone! NOOOOOOOOOOO! TIMMY!" Then I start to sob.

In power watching my way through H:LotS for the first time since I completed the entire set, I realized something:

I tend to remember more the episodes that feature Meldrick and Kellerman more than I do even Pembleton and Bayliss, which is...odd, considering that Pembleton and Bayliss were my favorite duo during the original broadcast run. Either my affections have shifted, or I just realized how awesome the writing was for Meldrick and Kellerman as characters and as partners.

For example, I just simply adore "Full Moon" from Season 4. I mean, everyone's got their favorite episodes form H:LotS and there are a lot of candidates for episodes that should be number one with a bullet on my list of favorites, "Full Moon" is it for me. If I had to pick "the perfect" H:LotS, I'd show this one without question.

*rubs hands with glee* And I haven't even gotten into the Season 5 Luther Mahoney arc, yet. I mean, I totally squeed when I saw Luther in Season 4's "The Damage Done", but they haven't done more than introduce my favorite fictional drug kingpin of all time.

Also, this time around, I'm actually listening to the commentaries and featurettes. I think this is a case where the less-is-more approach actually works. There isn't much by way of either, but what they have is interesting and very, very revealing.

For example, if you watch the Season 4 featurette, you definitely get the sense that there's no love lost between Ned Beatty and Daniel Baldwin and just about everyone on the H:LotS set and production offices. There was a very definite vibe of "We kind of hoped the door would hit them in the ass on the way out."

It's also pretty clear that the production people and some of the actors thought that S4 and S5 were pretty much the creative height of H:LotS (I agree, but I'd throw S3 in there as well) and that there was big love for the entire cast and crew in that time period. It's interesting that Clark Johnson (who played Meldrick) seems to keep in touch with almost everyone involved in those seasons.

As a side note, in listening to the commentary track for S4's "The Hat" with Clark Johnson and writer Anya Epstein was highly entertaining as well as enlightening. My favorite "Duh!" moment? Johnson keeps talking about how he tried to coach Lilly Tomlin in singing, and how he would die a little inside every time she sang in the episode because she's (apparently) practically tone deaf.

I thought he was kidding.

Turns out that prior to hitting it big with H:LotS, Johnson was a Broadway musical performer and had appeared in several light operas.


I thought he was kidding. The way Johnson talked about the whole thing with Tomlin led me to believe he was kidding. Turned out he was dead serious about it.

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