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Things You Should Be Reading...

The news has been beastly, which means I'm flipping depressed.

Perfect mood for writing my Remix story (which is going always), but not so good for my state of mind.

For a bit of a laugh...

If you're not reading the fannish Web comic Doctor Why: Worst of the Timelords by reaperfox you should be. I haven't watched much by way of the new Doctor Who and nothing of Torchwood, but this Web comic had me laughing so hard I couldn't catch my breath. Even if you're only vaguely aware of the basic premises of each, you'll enjoy the run. No, it's not finished. Yes, it's ongoing. But, y'know, Webcomic. And a hilarious one, too.

A special Internet Award should go to hradzka for coining the phrase "OH JOHN RINGO NO!" in what should be some award-winning totally honest book snark about the Paraldin of Shadows series by Baen author John Ringo. Dayum. This tops even the Burke and Cross novels by Andrew Vachss. All I can say is, "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

ETA: Wil Wheaton brins us fresh snark with a new TNG episode, Angel One. Bad episodes = hilarious writing, kiddies! And don't you forget it.

Something more serious you need to read, and I should've said so before, but RL ate my face...

nwhepcat has written a follow up to The Ballad of Charles Whitman (Apocalypse Remix), which you might recall was written two years ago as a remix of my own story, Revelations. newhepcat hits it out of the part again with the sequel, The Geometry of Flesh and Bone, a haunting BtVS/SPN cross wherein Demon!Xander — still mourning the loss of his humanity 6 years on — runs across one of the Winchester brothers and tries, in his own creepy way, to help.

Now I have to get back to my remix...

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