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Oh, hell!

Wow. Faith's "Oh Shit!" icon is getting a workout, ain't she?

So, let's see...

It's always something with the annual remix, isn't it?

I lucked out in my Remixee for remixredux08 and was able to quickly pick a story to remix. Then I hit on a perfect idea for a remix within 24 hours.

I've been working steadily along. I keep going back to different parts of what I've already written to sharpen every word and polish every phrase because I'm writing outside of my comfort zone on every level. Which is totally cool, by the way. I was prepared this time going in to do it and set my mind to do it.

What helps is that the plot and structure of the story needs no work because it's right there in my head so clearly that I feel like I'm taking dictation on that account.

Of course, I'm taking my time. Why? Because I thought the story was due April 19.

Then I double-check my calendar, and I see that the story is due April 12. Ahhhhhhhhhh! I HAVE LESS THAN A WEEK!

Suddenly, my remix story no longer looks like it'll be easy to finish by deadline, but like I've bitten off more than I can chew!

The good news, I'm more than half-done with it.

The bad news? I'm only more than half-done with it.

And I've been feeling like crap for the past 3 days with some kind of stomach bug thing that's left me drained and shivering.

There's nothing for it. I'm going to have to push ahead in a vaguely fugue state.

*puts in the latest Billy Bragg Special Edition CD that I (*cough cough*) ordered from Amazon UK because you can't get it in the U.S. unless you pay an insane import price*

And, oh, I'm getting my annual, "My remixee is going to hate the story. Hate. It. There's going to be wank they'll hate it so much."

Yeah, that mindset is helping along with this flu-ish thing I'm fighting.

Wish me luck...

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