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In Which Our Heroine Makes Evil Plans For the Summer...

Happy Tax Day One and All!

Yes I owed the Feds money (again), and yes the People's Republic of Massachusetts paid for most of it (again), so a total wash tax-wise. (Yeah, yeah. I know. We're supposed to get bread and circuses a bribe payola $600 from the Feds, but I ain't holding my breath on even getting such a mythical check at all, let alone before December. And don't get me started on the fact that the whole thing with the $600 is a freakin' farce to begin with.)

On the upside, I've been shoving money into my savings account like a regular fiend (which contributed to the reason why I ended up paying federal taxes because God Forbid someone saves money) in preparation for fulfilling a dream of mine that I've been wanting to fulfill for the past 8 years.


That's right. Your humble correspondent has signed up for her first kayaking class (Intro to Kayaking, i.e. "Let's kayak down the Charles River!"). I plan to spend most of the summer taking various classes, including the rolling clinic and introductory sea kayaking. I'll decide later on in the summer if I want to take advanced ocean skills. I suspect I might.

I fooled around with ocean kayaking once or twice on my own and enjoyed it, but I never had the confidence to do more than rent one a couple of times because I honestly didn't know what I was doing. Now I'll get to take a couple of classes, randomly rent a kayak a couple of times a month (I'm shocked how inexpensive the rentals are), and maybe do a moonlight kayak or two.

Yes, I know. Doing the kayaking thing is Not. Cheap. But know what? I've been saving like a monster and I've always wanted to do it. Bonus? I live less than a mile away from a kayaking school, so why shouldn't I? I'm not traveling anywhere on vacation this year, and the money I'll be spending on kayaking classes and kayak rentals is less than what I'd spend if I went off and traveled on my own for a week.

Yes, I am very, very excited. Why do you ask? *beams*

Yeah, man! This will so totally be me! I'm so excited!

I'm also strangely excited about joining the Y this week because, damn it, I wanna get back to doing yoga and pilates, and start doing some tai chi, and the Y is the only place in the area where you can get all three classes under one roof for less than $90 a month. The fact that the monthly cost includes a walking/running track, gym, cardio equipment, and pool doesn't hurt.

So, yeah, it appears I'll be dropping lots and lots of money this summer on moi. Because moi deserves it, goddamnit!

Oh, and before I forget (to make what promises to be a disgustingly perfect summer of weekends for me even more perfect), I've renewed my membership to the The Trustees of Reservations, which is sort of the local conservation land trust here in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.

I mean, check out the picture below. This is from the Noanet Woodlands in Dover, MA, which is 14 miles outside of Boston itself. And yes, that really is the Boston skyline.

I mean, seriously, how can I say no to a little woodland rambling and paying to support it, right?

I mean, isn't it pretty? It's totally pretty, right? Because, that's sooooo a woodland and that is soooo the Boston skyline. And this picture was soooo taken in early fall.


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