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Clearly I am OCD...


I just went in and... [ETA: I had to redact what I did this morning because I just realized that it might give away which remixredux08 story is mine if, say, someone was poking around the archive ahead of time on the QT. Gah!]

I can't get into the reasons why I did what I did until after the reveal. *sigh*

Worse, I've been obsessively going over my remix story again, and again, and again looking for typos and poorly worded sentences, then going back to my remix story and fixing anything I find.

I've signed in so often as my sock puppet that I practically have the password memorized. Why? Because I'm obsessively-compulsively tweaking my remix story to fix typos and grammar.


It' not that I'm finding a lot, but it seems like I find one typo every. single. time. I read it over.

No, no, no. I'm not at all worried about what my remixee will think. Not in the least. I'm totally confident.


Of course, what makes it all worse is that I'll be gone all weekend, so I won't be able to find out my remixee's (or anyone else's) reaction to my story until late Sunday night.

*bites nails*

I don't mind the anonymity (believe it or not, I think it's kind of cool). It's the initial unveiling that always has me on pins and needles.

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