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Remix is Up!

I've been absent all weekend and work today was a bit busy, so this is the very first chance I had to post anything about this.

The remixredux08 is up!

My Remixer wrote Magic's Champion (A Gift of Ordinary Magic:The Hogwarts Remix), which is a remix of my story, A Gift of Ordinary Magic, maybe one of the few cross-overs I've ever done.

The basic premise: The war goes badly for Harry Potter and Posse, so they pull a nuclear option (so to speak) to drain magic out of the world.

My story is told strictly from Xander's point of view as the worlds begin to merge. My remixer took it from the opposite direction and wrote about it from Harry's point of view. The remix goes a little bit further than my story with a coda to say how it all turned out.

Please give some feedback to the author.

As for which remix is mine...guess! Or don't. All will be revealed in a few days. *heeee!*

There are some excellent selections this year. I swear, every year the remix stories just get better and better.

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