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I Support this Open Source Project

Because I really think that enough is really's some real life/real world "open source work" you can do at any time and any place.

Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Program (spearheaded by vito_excalibur). Sign on to the project, because the more open source participants we've got, the better off we all will be.

[There is also a sign-up thread for the Y-Chromosome Reserves if you're a guy and want to do some on-the-spot 'Please don't be a dick, thank you' education with your fellow men.]

In the on-line-o-sphere, medie is spearheading the The First Annual 'Because We Are Awesome' Drabble-A-Thon focusing on the awesome fictional women in every genre, because, damn it...I'm sick of misogyny in fandom, too.

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