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Anonymous Commenting is Now Hearby Banned

You know, my little snarky post about the "Boobiegate" thing wasn't even that snarky or flame-y.

Yet I've been pestered by Anonymous Trolls since I posted the damn thing. Not a lot, just more than usual. Know what? I don't have the patience this week because I've got RL shit going on.

Because I don't feel like going through all the bullshit, I've now mass deleted all anonymous comments that I've received over the past day or so from both email and this LJ. I've deleted them unread, because if you have to be anonymous, I can't be bothered.

In short: I don't owe you shit if you don't sign your name.

I've also forbidden anonymous commenting. Want to say something? Get an LJ account, or use Open ID, otherwise, you're shit of luck.

I apologize to all the nice Annonymice who've dropped by over the years and were willing to put up with being screened. I apologize to the polite Annonymice and I'm sorry to see your comments go.

I may, at some point in the future, re-allow screened anonymous comments.

Just do me a favor and and don't ask me today when I'll be doing that. Because if you ask me now, you'll get "never" as an answer.

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