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Whelp, I got so much done this week.

Experiment: Do once-a-month big shopping. Be sure to pick up at least one "weird food."
Results: Sense of accomplishment. Had duck quarter last night with baked yam. Now have full freezer full of weird-ass foods. Can now plan on having 5 oz of beef heart marinated in jerk sauce for yummy time.

Experiement: Stop buying bagles and cream cheese on way to work and make my own damn breakfast.
Results: Illustration in why my current company rocks because everyone makes breakfast at work. Bagel, with roasted red pepper hummus as spread, topped by sliced tomato equals satisfying breakfast all around that keeps me happy until 1 p.m. lunch.

Experiment: Start making my own healthy lunch instead of relying on stupid pre-made microwaveable stuff.
Results: Clever combination of whole wheat mini-pita, oodles of veggies, and 2 oz of meat. Toast in company toaster oven. Roasted red peper is the killer touch on this one, as well as the melted tomato-and-basil feta cheese. Have side snack of sugar-free jello or fat-free pudding. Yummy! Top with mid-afternoon snack of low-fat cottage cheese or fresh fruit.

Experiment: Get up at 6 a.m. to hit gym.
Results: I was doing this before I hit Vegas. Not having as much luck post writercon. *bangs head* Must get off my ass.

Experiment: Take vitamins.
Results: Yay! More energy!

Experiment: Take glucosamine chondroitin to strengthen joints, v. important since I have bum right knee due to being a stupidhead three years ago.
Results: After two weeks, I don't even feel a twinge in my right knee. Could be psychosomatic, but this is the first time in three years that I don't feel like the knee is going to give out if I take stairs too fast. I'll take it!

Experiment: I know I need to cut back on the coffee because 40 oz of the stuff is waaaaaay too much in my opinion. Today decided to rip page out of hernewshoes's LJ and attempt to give it up.
Results: Started day with 10 oz of British Breakfast tea instead of coffee tub. Had headache and tremors by 11 a.m. Sooooo not good. Total addict. Had to get 20 oz of Dunkin Donuts coffee to compensate. Ouch. Still, feel better than I have in awhile by cutting one-fourth of my caffeine consumption.

Wow. I'm not pathetic at all.

Anyway, had the most boooooooring day at work. I mean, horrendously, evily boring. I finished everything I needed to do a day-and-a-half ahead of time, which meant my bosses were busy scratching their heads trying to figure out what I should do while I wasted company time.

Do you remember that scene in Selfless where Buffy balances a pencil holder on her head 'cause she's got nothing to do? That was me.

The good news: I ended up finally getting a local PCP after four months' worth of fruitless searching. The only doctors accepting patients in this area where the ones associated with the local Catholic healthcare organization. Since I don't trust Catholic healthcare to do what's best for *me* as a patient--a sad state of affairs since I grew up under Catholic healthcare, but the Roman Catholic Church these days makes me uber jumpy about its associated healthcare organizations--I wanted a doctor without religious associations. I mean, sheesh, Mass General, Tufts, Brigham & Women' hard can it be when you're this close to Boston?

You'd be shocked.

Anyway, one of the family practices down the road associated with Mass General just got a new doc, which means they're accepting patients again! After a quick check with the MA Medical Board to make sure she didn't have an eeeeeeevil background, I grabbed her and made an appointment. Maybe in a bow to the fact that I've been all about high cholesterol medication for the past four months, I specifically requested that a cholesterol test be included. I haven't had it checked in 10 years, and I remember that my triglycerides were pretty high at the time. I don't know why, but I think I see Lipitor in my future since type II dyslipidemia runs in the family (thanks Dad!)

More good news: Also got a dentist on the recommendation of my co-workers. Since I haven't had my teeth cleaned in three years, this should be interesting when I have my visit September 1. The new dentist teaches dentistry at Tufts and has a habit of sketching out what he's going to do before he does it so he can explain the process. YAY! I get to learn new stuff!

Bad news: No luck in finding an Ob/Gyn yet.

Also, I managed to order new checks with my new address on them. Plus, I found out that I'll have to make a round of some banks where my various retirement plans/money markets (aka, future downpayment on a home) are stashed to change my address because they keep rejecting my faxed signature indicating said change of address. *headdesk*

You know, whenever I sit down and do an asset count, I'm always shocked at the amount of "cash on hand" I actually have. Problem is, it's all money I can't actually touch unless I want to pay penalties and taxes out the ass. I blame my mother the ex-accountant for instilling this bizarre saving habit I've got. Hell, I've already decided that there's no way in hell I'll buy a single family home. I grew up in a two family and the financial benefits of owning a two- or three-family home far outweighs the inconvenience of having a tenant.

And once again, my mother has possessed my brain, which is a pretty neat trick considering she's still alive. *heh* Still, considering that my parents actually have a comfy retirement thanks to my mother's evil saving ways and my father's smarts in getting in on the federal retirement plan, I suppose it could be a lot worse.

Then I ran out of personal stuff to do, so I ended up reading about infectious disease all afternoon. *shudder* Nothing like reading about the various antibiotics to not want to ever take one.

Turns out I was reading about the wrong disease state, since I'll be doing oncology stuff starting tomorrow. Yay! Oncology is actually pretty cool and I know something about it from the diagnostic standpoint, so the project shouldn't be that bad.

I've done very little writing this week because these niggling RL issues have to be dealt with. *pooooo!* And I still haven't unpacked the last three freakin boxes in my office.

This weekend it's New England Aquarium time with BFF and her 3-year-old. There will be much gazing at the sharks (3-year-old digs sharks) and penguins (I dig penguins).

Will be fun, but I'd rather be at the Science Museum checking out the Lord of the Rings exhibit. I even had a two-for-the-price-of-one coupon to go. I suspect I'm not going to get a chance to see it. *sobs*

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