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In case anyone was wondering, the hysterical soon-to-be divorced man's wife has not called to confirm that I did not send her husband a salacious text message. Color me shocked!

In other news, I've discovered that I'm both too stiff and too flexible after *mumble mumble* years away from yoga. Yes, indeed.

My thighs and core? Horribly inflexible. Today they feel splinter-y.

My hips and neck? Still might as well be connected to my trunk using rubber bands, despite the fact that I haven't done yoga in *mumble mumble* years. Unfortunately I can still feel that "sprung spring" sensation in my hips despite the fact that it's more than 12 hours later, so the bouncing back part has gone waaaay downhill. Let me just add here,"Fucking ow!"

My balance is off, but not nearly as bad as it could've been, all things considering. I think it would've helped if we started off the session with Mountain Pose instead of doing it somewhere in the middle. Mountain Pose was always the way I used to find my center during my last run of yoga sessions. Since it's usually one of the first poses, if not the first pose, you do in most yoga sessions, I'm a little stunned it came so late in the game, so to speak.

Note to self: Before the start of each class, do Mountain Pose on your own so you can get your center.

Anyway, I've got another yoga class tonight. I'm probably insane for going, but I miss having the ability to stand on one leg, folding myself into thirds, and doing it while upside down without feeling any ill-effects afterwards, let alone the muscle soreness or sprung hips feeling that I've got right now.

What? Stop looking at me like that. Flexible is fun!

But in case you missed it...I'm still at the level where everything is a massive, massive "Ow!"

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