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Yay, California!

Hooray for California!

A hearty congratulations goes out to the GLBT and Straight couples in the Golden State for throwing open the word marriage to all. It's about damn time.

Glenn Greenwald over at Salon provides a legal overview of what the California State Supreme Court's ruling means...and doesn't mean

So, on behalf of the People's Republic of Massachusetts, welcome aboard the equality train! There is no need to panic. I think that, once you take your seat right here next to us, you'll note the following:

  • There have been thus far no signs of something called "divine retribution" raining down on our heads, and after 4 years I don't see it happening.
  • No one's marriage has gone into the toilet just because the nice gay couple next door has a marriage certificate.
  • No one has knocked on my door and forced me to take a toaster oven against my will.

So, the scorecard: 2 states down, 48 states to go.

Maybe within my lifetime...*fingers crossed*

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