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Damn you, David Simon. Damn you! *shakes fist*

Okay, whoever said that if I adored Homicide: Life on the Street, that I'd probably worship The Wire, you apparently know me better than I know myself.

I can't exactly explain why I bought Season 1 of The Wire sight-unseen on Saturday, except to say that everyone who knew me even vaguely were absolutely convinced that I would love it.

I know. Sucky explanation, but there it is.

Due to many exciting activities over the weekend, I wasn't able to watch any of my exciting new purchase until Monday.

Since Monday I have:

  • Watched the first 6 episodes of The Wire (It's exactly like a really, really, really good book you can't put down)
  • Have run over to Amazon to take advantage of their TV-On-DVD Sale to also purchase Seasons 2, 3, and 4 as well as pre-order Season 5 (Keep in mind, I have not even finished watching Season 1 yet!)
  • Have added The Corner to the top of my Netflix queue
  • Have made a shrine to David Simon to honor him as the best damn television writer working in the medium today

Do you want to know what really blows me away? I love every single one of the characters. Every. One. Including the boo-hissable ones. Love. Them. The cops, the drug dealers, and the dope fiends.

My favorite character so far? Omar. Seriously. He's, like, a gay, black, Baltimore-raised Robin Hood, only he steals from the big-fish drug dealers and sells the drugs down on the corner for a discount rate. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!?!

Have I mentioned that I'm seriously jonesing already for the rest of the series and I haven't even finished watching Season 1 yet?

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