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Check Me Out: For I Am Cute and Mighty!

Lessee...nothing too big in my corner of the universe.

No, really. Nothing big at all.


Go me! *\0/*

That's right. Me. Alone. Kayaking. 5.5 miles (9 KM). In a little over 2 hours.

Oh yeah...oh yeah...oh yeah... *does end zone dance*

It goes without saying that I was wearing SPF 50 sunblock and I did this in the morning before the heat hit the mid-90s. Even so, I still needed to re-hydrate after the row (despite the fact that I brought water with me) to recover.

The wildlife haul for the day:

  • Three swinging-single wild swans who gave me the evil eye as I passed within a kayak's length of them (You know swans are evil creatures when kayakers up and down the river yell, "Look out, swan ahead!" or "Look out! Two swans are following me!" to anyone who passes by in another kayak. I'm thinking swan attacks are probably not all that uncommon on the Charles.)

  • One mommy swan with four grey-ish cygnets who got a little hissy-face because two kayak lengths was apparently not far enough away.

  • Mallard ducks everywhere I looked, two of whom pretty much swam up to me to check me out. I kept my hands off the ducks, especially since they clearly thought that I either had food or was another big duck.

  • And where the ducks are, the Canada geese are sure to be close and in even greater numbers.

  • More red-winged blackbirds than I could count.

  • Two stripped bass leaping out of the water like they thought they were dolphins.

  • I'm not sure, but I think a fairly large turtle, but it plopped under water before I could get a close look. It could've been a frog.

  • Although not strictly wildlife, the lilly pads were sprouting white and pink flowers that were really, really pretty.

  • God knows how many birds that I couldn't even identify.

I seriously need to buy a camera.

Anyway, I have no idea where I got the idea that the Charles is a calm little piece of water where I live, because it's actually kind of not. As it turns out, there are indeed rapids, some of which is actual whitewater. (Eeep!)

And did I mention the little waterfall over a damn? No? Because there is a little waterfall over a dam, right behind the freakin' whitewater where the ducks were bathing, drinking, and having a grand ol' ducky time.

To get to said waterfall, I was actually rowing upstream against rapids, only at this time of year the water level is fairly high, so it's not (yet) whitewater and is actually passable.

Of course, there was only something like 4–6 inches of water between the bottom of my kayak and the granite rocks under the water (and in some places, not even that much), which means that come August that part of the river will be completely inaccessible by boat.

Anyway, it took me a half-hour rowing against the rapids to get to this waterfall (which is really a man-made dam spillover). Rowing that same part of the river to get away from the waterfall? Ten minutes.

That's some serious speed, dude.

So, I wasn't so much as paddling as I was steering the kayak to stop myself from crashing into a low-hanging tree branch. Because that would suck. Especially considering the riverbed was all granite rock.

*looks sneakily to left and sneakily to right*



And that is what I am doing on my summer vacation...

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