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Surpize Buttseks!!!!

Heeee! I'm sure that got someone's attention.

So, I'm writing this story for a fic-a-thon that's due next week, right?

And it's turning out a whole lot darker than I initially envisioned, right?

And in the middle of the story...

Surprise blowjob!

Ummmm, it won't come out of nowhere for reader, but I think you should all know that it took the writer by surprise.

Did I mention that there's this discussion of past drug use and child molestation?


Let's pretend that I didn't mention it.

Don't ask me how, but I think I've managed to write a twisted Faith/Xander story that's shorter than 75 pages...

That will clearly need a beta sometime this week because (and I swear I am not making this up):

  • I don't write ships
  • I don't write smut
  • I don't write...ummmm...okay, sometimes I write dark but this is on a whole different level

I have mentioned I'm not a smut writer, a shipper writer, or a darkfic writer, right?

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