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Looking for serious Faith-Xander help...

Sorry I'm so scarce online this week, but I'm trying to polish up my Xander-Faith entry (or thesis paper, your pick) for ship_manifesto, so I'm buried under research.

Yes, some of us research this stuff. :-)

[I won't mention RL involving BFF and making what I think are decisions that will hurt her and Bug in the long run. I won't get into that fact at all because this will require screaming and yelling on my part....]

Anyway, I have icons of Xander. I have icons of Faith. I do NOT have icons of Xander and Faith in same frame. Can someone point me to someone who has these two in one icon that I can use, oh, forever? Pretty please? *bats eyes*

Also, looking for some good Xander-Faith 'ship recs (go ahead, read the last four words aloud and laugh) so I can tack it at the end of paper...I mean LJ entry.

Even though I hate ships that combine the two culprits names together, i.e. Xanya, Spuffy, Tillow...for some reason, I keep honing in on the title: "The Magic of Xanth."

One problem: I fucking hate everything Piers Anthony has written after the first three Xanth books. GGGAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

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