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Quickie update...

Someone is getting FIOS phone, Internet, and television (319 channels...OHMYGAWD!) for a measily little $6 more than what she's currently paying for her DSL/Phone from Verizon.

With price locked in for two years! YAYNESS!

Of course, this means that I have to set up my desktop (I've been working off my laptop, my 500MB back-up drive, and a collection of 1 MB and 2 MB memory sticks), which I've been doing all day long.

Although, to be fair, there was an awful lot of culling the crap from my home office to go with.

And then there was my 3-hour row on the Charles this morning.

And, pictures! I have pictures of wildlife, thanks to my brand-new camera 8 megapixel camera. I paid for it by saving up loose change for 4 years, rolling the whole bunch, and then putting it in my savings account. That's right. I paid cash for it. (*beams*)

So, aside from wildlife, there are also weird statues on the river. (No, really. Weird statues.) Plus, I got the International Brotherhood of Ducks Against Hunters, Dogs, and People Who Won't Feed Us Bread swamping my kayak. (I'm talking almost 100 of the feathered buggers.)

Plus! A cormorant sunning its feathred butt.

Unforuntaly, this great multi-pic post will have to wait as my tower is still updating all of the critical software right now.

Maybe wildlife pictures tomorrow or Tuesday. Yes?

Anyway, I can't stick around (the computer is telling me to restart...again!), but I promise I will get back to all comments for Last Train Leaving Wonderland over the next couple of days after my computer set-up is complete.

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