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Charles River Wildlife Pictures Snapped from My Kayak

Well, I finally finished uploading, tagging, and writing nifty little cutlines for all 48 of my wildlife photos from my last 3-hour kayaking tour along the Charles River.

The photos were all taken with my brand new Canon PowerShot A590 IS (paid for in cash and at a discount, thank you muchly).

While I still love film cameras (I own a Minolta 35mm that's left over from my reporter days), I have to admit that this little beauty allowed me to take almost 100 high-quality photos as I figured out how to take photos while bobbing around in a kayak. Overall, I'm shocked these photos came out so eye-poppingly well. Okay, I wound up killing more than half the photos I took, but I didn't waste film to do it.

Under the cut is a nice little slideshow of the photos I actually liked. Included in this go-round are a couple of landscape shots, ducks, swans, crazy statues, a cormorant, and a turtle.

Instructions to Navigate Slideshow:

  • To control the speed of the slideshow, mouse over the lower right-hand corner of the photos. This will bring up something that looks like a reverse button, a stop button, and a forward button.
  • To stop the slideshow, click on the "stop" button. You will then be able to use the reverse and forward buttons to advance the photos one photo at a time at your pace.
  • If you want to get more information about a photo, simply click on the image and a new tab will open up with the photo, complete with cutline (written by moi) explaining the photo itself.

If you'd much rather go directly to my Photo Album, click here. Photo navigation is located directly to the right of the photo.


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