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Signs That You've Been Watching The Wire Too Much...

I am already in the middle of my third re-watch for the whoooooooole series in preparation for the release of Season 5 in 6 days.

(Keep in mind, I've owned these DVDs less than three months and I'm on my third re-watch. And I keep finding new shit every time I watch. This frightens me.)

Sign that I've been watching The Wire too much: I have the overwhelming need to write a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/The Wire crossover. Said crossover will star Xander (natch), Faith (natch), and...Omar?!

I suppose I should blame Angel the Series for introducing Orpheus into canon, right?

Someone cut off my hands before I go this cracktrastic.

PeeEss: I also have a name in my head for it. The Special Dead. Yeah, I'm in the middle of watching Season 4 right now. I think I was triggered by The Boyz (I <3 The Boys...) speculating that Chris was "The Zombie Master" of Baltimore.)

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