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When Julia Child was a Spy...

I seem to recall that it was an "open secret" in the Boston area that Julia Child, one of the first mega-celebrity cooks in America, during World War II worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the forerunner of today's CIA.

Today those records of Child's work with the OSS are going to be released by The National Archives.

Also on the list of OSS personnel who went on to become famous (or were already related to famous people when they joined): Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg; major league catcher Moe Berg; historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr.; film actor Sterling Hayden; John Hemingway, son of author Ernest Hemingway; Kermit Roosevelt, son of President Theodore Roosevelt; and Miles Copeland Jr., father of Stewart Copeland.

More than 35,000 documents associated with OSS personnel files are scheduled to be released today via The National Archive.

History lovers, start your engines!

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