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WARP Graphics puts ElfQuest online

ElfQuest is one of those stone age-type independent comics franchises from the late 1970s about...what else...Elves trying to make it in the big, bad world of the Two Moons.

It appears that WARP is putting every single ElfQuest-related comic online.

Just be warned: ElfQuest is massively dated, yo. When I originally read reprints of the original run (the original run was slightly before my time as a comics-reader), it was shiny and new, even by cracked-out, fluffy-pagan, elvish standards.

However, after 30 years since its original run if you're looking at it with fresh eyes you'll probably be rolling them. A lot of what's there is now practically cliché.

That said, the core story is still decent for the first three ElfQuest series. Once you hit the "Hidden Years" arc, things start to get a little bit threadbare.

Still, a free look-see online can only benefit people who are interested in checking out what was once a massive comics phenomenon and independent comics publishing success story.

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