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Campaigning in New Hampshire for Obama

Well...I've gone and done it.

I've signed up to campaign for Obama in New Hampshire for the weekend of September 27/28 and (I think) the third weekend in October.

Really, NH is the only swing state within traveling distance. All the other New England states glow such a solid blue that you can practically see it from space.

Seriously, man. McCain/Palin are seriously freaking me the fuck out to the point where I'm ready to go door-to-door. In a state I hate like poison no less.

That's some serious dedication to the cause, baby.

To sign up with your local Democratic Party presidential campaign headquarters, visit the Obama for America page.

If you can't volunteer, buy some swag. (I bought an Obama car magnet. I hate car magnets, yet I not only bought one, I'll be putting one on my car. *sigh* Dedication to the cause, baby.)

And just for the hell of it: Comparison between the Obama/Biden record on women vs. the McCain/Palin record on women. (Warning: PDF; Note: Put out by the Obama for America campaign.)

I'm not exactly a one-issue voter, but let's just say that the downloadable fact-sheet regarding the two tickets' records on women's issues is a big reason why I don't want McCain/Palin anywhere near the levers of power.

Just sayin'...

ETA: This Obama icon accompanying this post is going to be my default until November 5. Unless someone's got a better Obama icon, in which case, I might swap it out.

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