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First Line Meme

Hey! I'm still alive!

Actually, I've been horrendously busy in the meatspace to the point where I've simply not been on line. Hopefully, things'll calm down sometime in after the election. (*heee!*)

Also, I discovered that Saturns apparently don't have any actual metal in their bodies. My Obama '08 car magnet doesn't stick to any part of my car. At all. It's now riding a place of honor on the fridge.

Guess that explains my fabulous gas mileage, hunh?

Soooo...I've noticed there was this meme going around about "first lines from 25 fics." I have more than 25 (surprise, surprise), but not much more.

It appears that I have a pattern. I'm actually kind of surprised.

All first lines were taken from here.

Behold, Little Padawan! (aka Five Adventures Xander Harris Never Had Wrapped in One True Christmas Story)
Andrew passed out his Christmas Cookie Special — spheres chock full of Diamond walnuts, Sunkist raisins, Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips, and M&Ms with just enough baked peppermint-flavored cookie dough to hold it together — and waited patiently for the Slayers to thank him appropriately.

Complaint in Three Voices
“Easy. Eeeeeaaaaaassssssy…”

Contrite Spirits
As they speed down the road to Ville Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre from Quebec City, Xander is half-tempted to ask Faith why she’s driving so fast. It isn’t like they have to be anywhere near the cathedral right this second. The newest Slayer discovery would show at either the 4 or 7:30…

Cuckoo in the Nest
Tony looks at the kid and sees…

Facing the Heart in Darkness
When I was 10 years of age, I was told a frightening secret.

The History of Humor in the 20th Century
How can you not love The Honeymooners?

Into the Desert
The man leaned against his car and watched the numbers of the gas pump change with alarming speed while he filled his tank with gas. The hot desert wind ruffled his dark brown hair reminding him that at some point he’d like to get it cut. It was one of the first things he planned to do when they got to where they were going.

Ishmael Sings of the White Whale
“You really need to rest.”

The Last Tin Soldier
Alex Hill works as a janitor for Mutual Life and Fire.

Last Train Leaving Wonderland
“I hate waiting.”

Living History
A low moan issued from the pile of bodies in the alley.

Mars Rising
Sixty thousand years.

The Missing Bits
Sometimes stories just get lost.

The Murder of Crows (Blackhawk Down Remix)
Sam takes a break in front of the screech owl enclosure at the Delphi Wildlife Center to look for the owls hidden in the arrangement of branches. While he strains his neck this way and that in an effort to find all five listed on the information placard, he sucks down a bottle of electrolyte-enhanced water and tries to ignore the racket coming from a crow pitching an epic-sized fit in a cage located somewhere behind him.

No Myth
Buffy took a running leap for her bed and landed with a distinctive belly-first whump on top of her suitcase. “Zip it, zip it, zip it,” she said urgently.

Nobody Never Gets to Heaven
Caroline pulled the mac ’n cheese casserole out of the oven and set it down in the center of the table. She nervously tucked a long strand of hair out of her face and counted the place settings for the tenth time.

Refugees on Sunset Boulevard (The Our Town/Twilight Zone Mash-Up Remix)
Cordelia feels the welcoming, warm embrace of the sun long before she sees it. With the instinct born of a true sun worshiper (of life, love, innocence -- things she let slip through her fingers because she failed to ask the right questions before agreeing to the half-demon downgrade), she swims for the promise using powerful strokes and desperate kicks to propel her out of the black.

Faith gently closes the basement door behind her and carefully walks down the steps. Somewhere in the middle of the staircase, she eases into a sitting position on a random step and plops her chin into a supporting hand. She watches Xander through the gloom and wonders if he heard her entrance. She wonders if he did and simply didn’t care.

The Slayer of Pine Cove, California
Theo was rolling a joint the size of a telephone pole. “Don’t tell Molly. She and me have a deal. If she takes her meds, I don’t take mine. But since you need her to be off the meds so you can test her full reflexes, I think I get to…”

Ten Steps to Better Living for God-Kings Through Technology
Ms. Burkle has suffered an accident in the lab.

Time Stamp
Willow loved stamps.

Two Words

Walking Higher
You’re running.

Water Hold Me Down
Xander was in full-on hate mode.

Bored, bored, bored, Buffy thought. Patrol had been a total bust. No vampires, no demons, no tingling Slayer-sense, no nothing. All she got for her trouble this evening was a quiet stroll through some of Sunnydale’s finest cemeteries. It was enough to make her want to hang up her stake and declare victory.

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