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Easy Way to Tell the Difference Between a Legitimate Medical Society and Its Evil Wanna-Be Twin

I know I've bitched about this before (as in every year for 3 years running), but I'm going to bitch about this again because it pisses me off every single time I have to deal with it...


How can you tell the difference between the legitimate medical society for pediatric and family doctors and the Christianist site that pretends to be a medical society for pediatric and family doctors?

The legitimate medical society for pediatricians and family doctors (aka, The American Academy of Pediatrics) is cross-linked with so many other medical associations that it makes me dizzy; has links to several peer-reviewed journals; and talks about medical issues such as "abuse" (broken down into child, domestic, emotional, and sexual), "AIDS," "sexual development," and "mental illness."

The pediatric site that panders to Christinaist doctors (aka, The American College of Pediatricians — and I refuse to link to their skanky asses) not only is obsessed — and by that I mean really, really obsessed — with the threat of "homosexual agenda;" it has no links to any other medical societies; doesn't even mention things like abuse of any kind, AIDS, adoption, mental health, or sexual development; and it utterly lacks anything resembling a link to a peer-reviewed journal of any kind.

So...for the billionth the name of all that is medical science and legitimate scientific inquiry...WILL THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF PEDIATRICIANS GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE MEDICAL BUSINESS?

Thank you very muchly. Assholes.


On the upside, at least the American College of Pediatricians is now ranked below the legitimate American Academy of Pediatrics, unlike in previous years where I've posted this rant and it was actually ranked above the legitimate site.

I know I rant about this thing every year, but I'm not going to apologize for it. Because, honestly? This shit just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Thank you for reading this rant — again — and please keep the above truths in mind when you're trawling the 'Net looking for medical information.

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