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The Boston Globe Discovers Slash (with PICTURES!)

I kid you not.

Of course, The Boston Globe doesn't call it "slash," per se. Instead, the paper calls them "bromances." (Link goes to Urban Dictionary definition of "bromance" aka "man-crushes between straight men.")

So, y'know, they're not gay-ing up the guys.



Yes, I'm 12.

And by the way, the Globe just doesn't go for m/m slashiness, but also RPF (The Two Coreys) and incest (the brothers of Fraiser).



My hometown paper is weird, yo.

So get your click on and check out The Boston Globe's pictorial on the 14 Greatest Bromances of All Time.

ETA: Yes, I'm aware that there's no Kirk/Spock picture. In fact, there are aren't any cult shows making an appearance on the list. All of the listed choices come from mainstream hits (like House). I suspect that the writer did that on purpose, if only to convince the casual television viewer of his point without freaking them witless.

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