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Governor Palin...A Word If You Please...

Dear Governor Palin,

There were many, many things about your performance last night that caused FLAMES, FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE me further discomfort about your ability to think critically about anything, let alone actually run anything more complicated than a car.

There was the winking. The finger pointing. The shout-out to your hommies in Alaska. Statements that you were "tolerant" of gays (I'm sure the gays were "relieved" to hear that). Refusing to answer any of the questions asked by the moderator.

Doing a really bad Tina Fey impersonation.

Then there's the fact that you didn't actually read the U.S. Constitution (aka, The Operating Manual for the Federal Government of the United States of America) so you could answer that pesky "What will you do as vice president" question without sounding like Dick Cheney in a dress.

[I confess that I squeed like a fangirl when Sen. Biden then proceeded to hit you on the nose with a rolled up copy of said U.S. Constitution while stapling a Dick Cheney mask to your face. That was the Bestest Part.]

However, the thing that really, really bothered me? I mean, really REALLY bothered me? More than anything else that came out of your mouth?

That you attributed the phrase of America being "the shining city on the hill" to Ronald Reagan.

Bitch, please.

Your Ronnie told you in that very same speech who actually is the author of that phrase.

That would be John Winthrop, the guy pictured below:

You should know who this guy is. Wanna know why? Because numbered among John Winthrop's descendants are these two guys: (That's right. The 2004 Presidential Election was a family food-fight between two distant cousins. Read it and weep, baby.)

Furthermore, it might interest you to know John Winthrop was talking about this:

Or more specifically, this city right here:

Listen dumbass Governor — not that I think my East Coast-y Liberal Elite Opinion matters a tinker's damn to you — but I find it personally appalling that your historical knowledge doesn't seem to go back any further than the "Reagan Years." Clearly you don't like us East Coast Liberal Elite-types because we've forgotten more about U.S. history than you'll ever learn.

And why is it it problem? As Sen. Biden said last night: "Past is prologue." If you don't know the first damn thing about where we come from or how we got here, then how the hell can you possibly hope to lead us into the future?

And so, as a public service, I now provide you with you not only with John Winthrop's sermon, but also with the text of Ronald Reagan's speech where he named checked not just the sermon, but John Winthrop.

Kiss My Fat East Coast Liberal Elite Ass Sincerely,


ETA: And another debate-watcher has a message for Gov. Palin. Meet Joe Sixpack.

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