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Cool Site of the Day: The Atlantic Project

Heee! My "Dear Dumbass" letter to Sarah Palin was apparently Metaquoted the other day.

Thank you whoever is responsible! (Remember, public posts can always be linked to wherever...locked posts stay behind the lock.) At some point I'll get a chance to respond to comments to the last...oooooohhhhh...10 posts or so. I don't know when, exactly, but at some point.

As you can tell, life has me busy...waaaay too busy. So I've been quiet of late. Well, quiet online as opposed to anything else.

Anyway, I have in my hands a cool Web site of the day: The Atlantic has put up an interactive online press packet to draw in advertisers that is positively stunning to look at and a treat to click through.

The site throws out 14 "big existential questions" and then creates links to photos, videos, Atlantic-staff penned blogs, and Atlantic articles that all "answer" (or purport to answer) the question.

Be aware that the potential to get lost in The Atlantic Project for hours on end is very, very high. Also be aware that the site is "noisy" (i.e., there's multimedia in motion and sound that's sure to attract attention), so if you're cruising over there while still in your cube, you'll have to shut off the sound by clicking on the sound icon in the top right-hand corner of the site.

Most stunning of all are the moody night-time still photos — all of which are desktop wallpaper-ready thanks to the sizing links found just underneath each photo. Check out one example below (and, yes, it's on my own workplace desktop even as I speak...):


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