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And North Carolina Goes Mad with Power!

I think North Carolina is just a leeeeeetle giddy about being a swing state.

The sheer hilarious glee of this GOTV ad from the Tar Heel state will have you cackling like a loon.

The tag line? "Please. Vote. It's the only legal way to cancel out your neighbor's."

Rock on, North Carolina. Rock on.

In other news, I suspect that I have more of a pinched nerve, rather than a pulled Achilles Tendon. I feel less in pain today than I did yesterday. I confidently predict that I'll be able to walk without hobbling like a 70-year-old arthritic woman sometime in the next week.

Finally, I hobbled my hurting self down to the city clerk's office to cast my absentee ballot (aka, Massachusetts' version of early voting) because some lunatic scheduled me for a client meeting first thing Tuesday morning. (Boooooooo!)

Voted Obama/Biden (natch!), and voted to return Kerry to the senate (I like Kerry). I also cheerfully sent my congressional rep back (Ed Markey) because he votes the way I like 95% of the time.

Then there were the state questions:

  • A big NO to abolishing the state income tax, primarily because I know that there'd be riots if our lovely state services were cut and our property taxes were hiked to support what was left. Plus, the biggest bitchers about our "declining quality of life" (quality of life is admittedly pretty good in this state) will be those who voted to abolish. Seriously. Have none of these people ever read a municipal or state budget? Sheesh.

  • A big YES to decriminalizing possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana (like 86% of the people around here). Now it's a civil fine if you get caught. Meh. It's a half-step. I want it made legal. Charging sales taxes on any and all marijuana sold in the state like we do for nicotine (which is actually more addictive than marijuana) and booze (far more destructive) gives me big ol' happy thoughts. Still, I'll take the half-measure as better than nothing.

  • Banning dog racing, voted NO. I admit it. I struggled. In the end I voted to keep greyhound racing legal. *ducks rotten fruit* Frankly, the two dog tracks we have in the state are under very, very close scrutiny and so tightly regulated that humane treatment of the dogs, both active and retired, is required if you want to stay out of jail. If the economy were better, I'd vote to ban. But the economy sucks, and I don't want more than 1,000 people put out of work in this climate. In the end, people won over the puppies. Yes. I feel guilty about it. How guilty? I almost switched my vote at the last minute to ban. *bites nails* I hope the puppies forgive me.

Well, I've voted. (*beams*) I'm put out that I won't be voting at the polls November 4 because, y'know, I love the ritual of the thing. But I won't be able to get to the polls otherwise if I don't.

And I do so want to contribute to the radioactive blue that Massachusetts. Heee!

Now I have to go put up my foot. Again. *snarl*

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