liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

I'm alive...

No. Really. I've been a little swamped lately.

I've been running around like a running around thing all week.

First, I've gotta get things in order to go to B'more this weekend. I'm visiting a messload of friends a made from waaaay back when I was hanging in Forever Knight and Battlestar Galactica fandom before I went on hiatus from any and all fandom.

Friday is hanging in the Inner Harbor (Homicide fans take note); Saturday is a Renaissance Fair; Sunday is a wine festival; Monday I come home.

This week visit with the doctor (with encouragement to dump those 15 pounds of flab I've gained in the past year due to crazy life) and a discussion of giving the South Beach Diet a try. I've been reading the book and it sounds reasonable (certainly a hella lot more reasonable than the Atkins Diet) if only because after the first two weeks fruits are back in the "good column." Veggies are at least never out of favor...I don't know. Weight Watchers isn't doing it for me this time around so...

Plus, I need to get my butt to the gym on something resembling a regular basis. I think I'm finally approaching my old schedule. It's just a matter of getting up a half-hour earlier in the morning and I'll be there.

I've also finally gotten with the 21st Century and am trying Netflix. I'm already hooked (it's like crack!). Right now, I'm cheerfully buzzing through Sledgehammer. Jezus, that is some funny shit. I forgot how out there bizarre it was. Even better, they removed the laughtrack, which somehow makes the show funnier. The best take off you'll ever see on 80s cop shows. Evah.

Needless to say, nothing got done on Living History this week, although I've been picking away at my CYA fanfiction challenge called Discovering the Truth About the Wizard of Oz and a second story (assuming nwhepcat still is planning her B'day challenge) tentatively titled The History of Humor in the 20th Century.

I've been online not at all otherwise this week. Although I admit that I've been actively avoiding any and all contact with my email addresses due to some recent kerfluffle unpleasantness on my Living History test list.

See y'all next week!

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