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Boring writerly post...

I feel like I lived a month in a week.

I've been rare online, and I apologize. Part of it is I've been feeling like crap (some sort of stomach thing is taking me to the cleaners), part of it is that allergies are the ho0r, and George, my once independent bird has turned into a needy little feathered thing (*sniff*).

I've got bills up the wazzoo that need paying. A pile of laundy that needs doing. And none of it got done because of aformentioned stomach thing. Let's not talk about the Tufts hospital charges for Gracie (insert scream when I saw $700-plus bill). Honestly, I can't say I was overcharged because they did do a lot of work between X-rays, infusions, medications, physical checks, and stay in the incubator. George, at least, got a free ride. My brother and my parents are kicking in $200 to help out (thanks guys!) so that leaves me $500 to work out in payment plan to Tufts.

I am working away on Living History. I finally polished up Kennedy's Q&A the way I want and I'm overall happy with the result. Damn my knee jerk for refusing to bash characters. While I wasn't crazy about the character, I never got the hate she garnered. I don't like any of the "new editions" for S7 because from a storytelling POV they sucked time away from the characters I cared about, but it seems Kennedy really had the knives in her back from fans.

I also finished some key connecting scenes, except, of course, the next one that needs to be posted (Willow and Xander have a discussion). Problem is, it's big time key because it leads to Willow making an executive decision (hugs Willow).

So, once again, I'm writing ahead when I really need to be concentrating on the next part. I can't *wait* to get to the bits that are written (the ending bits) because then my life will be easier.

A few people have asked for author's notes on this story (Why? I have no idea...) because they liked the author's notes I had for Whisper.

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin on author's notes for this story, so I've actually considered just saying, "Okay, if you've got questions, toss 'em at me and I'll post the answers in a week."

[sarcasm]No. That doesn't look egotistical at all.[/sarcams] *rolleyes*

The only good thing about yesterday is I got to moan on the couch and finish up the first disc of Sledgehammer and commentaries on discs one and two for the series. Heeee! All the funny hits me in wonderful ways. And the commentary was pretty good. From what I understand David Rashcle does do either a commentary or an interview on one of the discs (probably disc four).

Everyone's been talking about Veronica Mars and I stupidly missed the show. I'm going to have to check it out this time around. Even though I haven't seen Lost, I honestly can't drum up the interest in seeing it.

Nice rambling post. I have to go back to bed...

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