liz_marcs (liz_marcs) wrote,

Bah! I shouldn't cook...

I know that I thought that I had nwhepcat's birthday fic-a-thon all set. I had a concept. I had started writing it. I had everything down. All I needed to do was finish writing it.

Know what happened to it?

I started cooking, that's what happened!

*grumble growl* stoopidplotbunny *grumble growl*

I now have the perfect birthday fic. Perfect. More perfect (which was somewhat imperfect) than my original plan.


What's worse? It's a fucking good idea that's what. AAARRGHHHHH!

*pounds head*

This is going to be interesting. Alternate reality. Vengeance. Anya. Anya's victims. White picket fences. Happy-ish endings, but not the happy-ish ending you think. Desperate friends... and did I mention dead friends?

And canon-ish Xander lands right in the middle of AU Xander's life and mucks the whole business up in a very, very bad way.

Think It's a Wonderful Life without the neat ending.

And the urge to write it is god-awful overwhelming to the point that I can't even concentrate.

See? See? This is what I get listening to Finger Eleven while cooking.

I see a writing marathon that will only be topped by the feverish nature with which I wrote Into the Desert in my very near future.


*stomps off*

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