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Tommy Westphall update...

For people fascinated with The Tommy Westphall Universe, turns out the brains behind it are right here on LJ

*waves to crossoverman and smashsc*

They've also started tommywestphall to keep people updated about newly discovered connections to the Tommy-verse, allow for discussion, and other cool things.

Needless to say, friended, friended, friended.

I don't know why I find this fascinating, but I do.

Also, on another front, I'm now in day three of the South Beach Diet. Truthfully, I don't find it all that hard, mostly because I think I'm actually eating *more* and because I eat most of this stuff anyway. The only thing I have to lose is the breads and the fruit (at least for the first two weeks). Now I thought I was a bread freak, but after the first day, I don't miss it at all.

The only thing I *refuse* to give up is creme in my coffee. Sorry. No. I've compromised with the fat-free half & half, but it's still going in. If that dude in the book refused to give up his dish of ice cream every day and still lost weight, I don't think a couple of splashes of fat-free half & half every day is going to be the death knell.

Plus, I'm subsituting extra virgin olive oil (which I should have been doing anyway) for stir-fry and cooking.

So, overall, I'm not feeling the pain on this. I have to be doing this completely and stupidly wrong if it's this easy.

Anyway, off to work!

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