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Some gotta reads...

I've been so tired up in my own little world, that I've been remiss:

Today I produce the Xander short story angst-a-thon.

Sleeper. by booster17 is extraordinary and not at all waht you'd expect. I spent the entire story shouting, 'No way!' Then wondering if I was wrong. Then convinced I needed to read it as intended. Then the final graphs puts it all in perspective with a punch to the gut. Which, of course, makes you go back and read it again. One of those tragic stories that you can see happening, complete with the involved parties not thinking all the repercussions of their actions through. To say more would give it away. Go and read.

annakovsky has wrriten The Rapturous End that is heartbreaking and just, just....SNIFF! Perfect. Perfect B/X freindship, perfect balance between hope and despair. Buffy goes to retrieve Xander from Africa to meet the end of the world. The dreams are real and the reality is dream-like.

For maximium effect, I'd also read The Rapturous End again, only this time in order with other stories. It's actually third in a series of loosely connected Xander-centric stories.

In order:

Although you don't have to read A Critique of Pure Reason by annakovsky to understand any of the above stories, it sort of helps with Preparing.

Some warning on Critique, it does involve some RPFing so if that stuff squicks you, you've been warned. You'll be missing out if you do, but I'm justing giving the heads up.

Eeep! I know I'm missing some, but those are the ones that I've been meaning to pimp.

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