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Who needs to wait until Nov. 2 for voter fraud?


I've been watching this story unfold all day on The Daily Kos and Eschaton.

Other places where you can find information as it unfolds: MetaFilter, Talking Points Memo, and Blogging of the President: 2004 have been also covering peices of it.

It all seemed to start last night when KLAS-TV broke the news about Voter's Outreach of America, which is apparently paid directly by the Republican National Committee, has been trashing voter registrations where the "D" box was checked off. End result? An untold number of people who thought they were registered to vote for the Presidential Election are going to find themselves shut out come November 2. The problem: Nevada has no motor-voter registration, unlike a number of other states. If someone's registration was trashed by these guys, they are flat out of luck.

Then, like dominoes, numerous other pre-election dirty tricks are coming to light, all of them Republican and all of them designed to suppress voter registration and turn out. A lot of them involve Voters' Outreach of Ameria, aka Sproul & Associates, aka America Votes.

Please check in with The Daily Kos and Eschaton for more information. From all accounts, it looks like this story is about to break big and hard in some fairly nasty ways. The local media markets are picking up on it, and some Repub (albeit disgraced) officials are going nuclear over the voter registration fraud issues now lapping at the party's national committee.

Go read all about it.

In other news, for those of you following it: the Sinclair Broadcast Group is getting hammered seven ways to Sunday. Talking Points Memo has been taking the lead in this and Daily Kos as a dKosopedia about the company and the issue. It appears that boycott threats to local advertisers by people in those local markets, coupled with huge drops in Sinclair's stock prices, seems to be hammering at the group.

This story is extremely interesting. For those of you who don't know, Sinclair Broadcast Group is owned by neocons who've popped up on the outrage radar already in this campaign season. When Nightline planned to read the name of the Iraqi war dead (our troops only) over the air, Sinclair ordered a blackout of the show to all its stations. Now, Sinclair plans to broadcast Stolen Honor, a virulent anti-Kerry piece produced by the same hitmen behind the Swiftboat Veterans for Lies, Lies, and More Stinkin' Lies just days before the election.

Hey, if the republicans can successfully make CBS not air a Reagan biopic, than I say good on the locals in Sinclair's 62-station broadcast range for smacking the shit out these guys.

Anyway, keep up with that unfolding story on Talking Points Memo and The Daily Kos.

Ahhhh, and don't forget to check out Media Matters for a round-up of Sinclair stuff. Nothing like someone who was blinded by the right to play watchdog on this shit.

You know, when I told my mom that I had a feeling October was going to be fucking bloody in the presidential campaign, I sure as fuckety fuck didn't expect shit like this. This? This makes Watergate dirty tricks look like nothing.

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